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With 20 years’ experience in career and executive coaching, Françoise Carbonnel is committed to helping agile people 'take the leap', find their own place and love their job as much as she loves hers.

Her passion for human and professional development has always influenced her career, from working for Sénanque, a recruitment and career consulting firm in France, to setting up Harmony & Mobility Consulting, her own consulting companies in Asia and the UK.

This has enabled her to build recognised expertise in outplacement, coaching and career coaching to facilitate career mobility and support people who have to find a job or embrace a new position, or who want to change their career path.

While living in Beijing in 2008, she set up Harmony & Mobility Consulting with a dedicated team to manage career transitions and challenges of expatriates.

Since then, the team has grown and she has developed Harmony & Mobility Consulting in London, engaged herself as a volunteer at Shaw Trust UK and become part of 3TimeProject and Beyond Performance.

In all of these commitments, she is proud to serve a tribe of happy mobile professionals who she empowers to not be 'lost in transition’.
Happily nomadic by nature, she is fortunate to have been living a rich expatriate life for 20 years in South America, Europe and Asia. She has, herself, been ‘lost in transition’ many times! So when it comes to mobility and professional change, she truly knows what it takes.

Françoise holds a master's degree in Management specialising in Human Resources from the French University Paris-Assas. In 2008, she decided to focus on coaching and participated in different individual and group programmes in Paris and Singapore, accredited by the EMCC and ICF . She is a Mediat-Coaching Coach and certified in two personality inventory tests: SOSIE and Hogan.

You can contact Françoise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn.







Catherine Laz Bounatirou is a HR Consultant and an Executive Coach. She supports professional mobility and change through career and executive coaching. She also leads professional co-development workshops. 

Catherine has a proven track record in helping people to manage change, allowing them to reach their potential and their talents.

Gifted with a particular awareness of cultural differences due to her childhood expatriate background in Canada, Finland and Switzerland, Catherine takes great interest in multicultural and environmental issues and their impact. She works regularly with AMJ Consulting, a partner firm specialising in multicultural matters.

In 2009, with two partners, she set up Harmony & Mobility Consulting in China – a Human Resources company specialising in expatriate professional career mobility.

In 2012 she arrived in Brussels, where she developed the business of Harmony & Mobility Consulting.

For the last 2 years, she has led a Business Club for French partners.

Catherine relocated to Paris in January 2017.

Catherine is a graduate of Paris II Assas with a master’s in International Law. Her career began in an advertising agency, Young and Rubicam, as an in-house lawyer. She soon realised that she had a real interest in human behaviour and decided to orientate her career towards Human Resources. Consequently, she took the opportunity to join a new recruitment agency specialising in law. There she developed her experience in Human Resources and worked on recruitment, headhunting and career assessment.

She later diversified her experience, working in the commercial department for Editions Bayard Jeunesse for 4 years.

Catherine is a professional practitioner certified by Mediat Coaching, with more than 300 hours of training courses and 4 years of experience as Executive Coach.

You can contact Catherine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn.




Marie Rivière is a HR consultant and coach with 15 years’ international experience (South Africa, China, North Africa), during which she has developed strong expertise in professional mobility management and in intercultural approach within companies. She has gained a realistic insight into expatriation’s problematics.


In 2009, she co-founded Harmony & Mobility Consulting, a HR agency located in Asia, which has now set up offices in Singapore, London, Paris, Brussels and Casablanca.

Since 2011, she has been the head of  Harmony & Mobility Consulting in Casablanca, Morocco. She focuses on intercultural subjects within teams and change management in international companies. She specialises in managerial performance optimisation (coaching, assessment...).

Marie started her career in Human Resources at Sanofi Aventis Pasteur in Johannesburg where she conducted a study 'South Africa post-apartheid: what future for the white South African in the new labour market?'.

Coming back to France, she then worked for Airbus (Toulouse) within the International Mobility department. She later joined BPI Group as a HR Consultant, where she conducted assessments, outplacements and training.

Business-oriented, enthusiastic and passionate about her work, Marie shows a profound commitment and dedication to her customers, who she supports in the achievement of their professional objectives.

After getting a D.E.A in Literature at the French University La Sorbonne, Marie graduated with a master’s in 'Management and Development of Human Resources' and a degree in Psychology at the Institut de Gestion Sociale (IGS) in Paris. She continually undertakes coaching training modules at Mediat Coaching (Paris).

Today, she works for the renowned brand BPI Group as a senior consultant.


Aude Beneton is an Executive Coach and Human Capital consultant with a passionate understanding of talent development and change management.

Serving today as Executive Coach, Managing Director and Partner of Harmony & Mobility, she has assisted in developing leadership skills for Senior Executives, GMs and Entrepreneurs from various industries (pharmaceutical, luxury, insurance, retail, FMCG, manufacturing) in Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

She fosters high-performing teams in cross-cultural environments, by designing and facilitating customised team-coaching programs.

At an organisational level, Aude supports corporations as they navigate change, by leveraging collective intelligence to further talents, enhance collaboration and embed a sense of belonging. She has designed and implemented programs based on the structured approach co-development” to aid MNCs & SMEs achieve transformation & growth in a sustainable & successful way.

Ahead, Aude is concentrating on how to prepare organisations and talents for the future of work. Considering the impact of societal & environmental trends, she applies design thinking, systemic & psychodynamic theories to her programs, to nurture new ways of thinking and moving forward through action & collaboration. She has recently presented international webinars about the future of work and of the workplace, the HR skills of the future, the power of employee experience and the partnerships between MNCs & start-ups.

Working on organizational challenges led her naturally to consider the wider picture of how organisations interrelate and impact their broader environment. She has recently started a climate change coaching program, to help companies integrate sustainability in their vision, mission, and strategies.

Aude began her career in change management at Nestlé France and spent 10 years as a manager in supply chain & manufacturing. She built her understanding of corporate culture and organisational dynamics on the ground, as well as her expertise on performance management and people development.

Moving to Singapore in 2005 gave her the unique opportunity to experience a career move in entrepreneurship. Strongly interested in human capital and organisation development, she combined her former experience as a manager, her analytical mind and empathic approach into the role of Executive Coach. With 17 years spent in Asia, she has sharpened her intercultural sensitivity and integrated the challenges of multicultural environments in her coaching approach. 

Aude holds an Executive Master’s Degree from INSEAD (with distinction), so called Consulting and Coaching for Change, degree that integrates business education with a range of psychological disciplines. She also holds an Engineering degree from SupAgro Montpellier in France.

She is an ICF-certified coach (PCC level) and is accredited for MBTI and 360-feedback.

Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn.


Séverine Charzat is a coach and consultant specialised in supporting individuals and organisations with transition, career, expatriation and performance development.


She works as a consultant for career management, outplacement, entrepreneurship and job search programmes and as coach on various topics: induction programme, management skills development, and repatriation. Séverine creates and delivers training programmes tailored to each client’s needs in order to develop high-performing teams in cross-cultural environments.

In 2014, she joined Harmony & Mobility Consulting in Singapore as Executive Coach and Career Counsellor.

Since 2016, she has been located in Manila to deploy the services in the Philippines and Asia. She became partner of Harmony & Mobility Consulting in 2017.

She began her career in Sales and Marketing for global companies in the FMCG and Luxury industries – DIM & SARA LEE/ST. DUPONT. During these 15 years of projects and team management, she developed a passion for talent development. Convinced about human capital’s key role in companies’ performance and competitiveness, Séverine decided to progress her career to Human Resources.

She trained and joined Altedia – Lee Hecht Harrison (ADDECCO) in Paris in 2008.

At the end of 2009, she moved to Amsterdam where she created Nextstep - a consultancy firm in career management - and, in parallel, she invested her energy and experience in the creation and animation of the Foundation Avenir-Emploi Pays-Bas to help French-speaking people in their job search in the Netherlands.

Thanks to her significant experience in the corporate world, her natural empathy, her own experience of mobility challenges and her huge interest in personal and professional development, Séverine supports her clients with passion and effectiveness towards the realisation of their projects and their performance development.

Séverine graduated from the European Business School (Paris/Munich/London) and holds a master’s degree in 'Skills Assessment and Human Resources Consultancy' (Paris 8 University). She is a certified coach with the Haute Ecole de Coaching and MBTI

You can contact Séverine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn.



Alice Lanteri is a Human Resources Professional with proven track records of accomplishment in recruitment. Alice has held various talent acquisition and development positions across Europe (Paris, London) and Asia over the past 16 years building her success on her capability to understand company’s culture & values and source the right candidates.

Because employee’s engagement and company’s performance are so closely aligned, helping candidates to better understand themselves and work-out their true motivation to progress in their career is what drives Alice every day.

Because this alignment is key to both companies’s and candidates’ success, Alice joined Harmony & Mobility Consulting in London. Alice works for the career coaching and job search arm.

As the Head of HR/ Recruitment at the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore over 4 years, Alice helped hundreds of candidates not only to find the right job or company but also to define their professional plan and helped them settle down in a new country/region. Alice has built great partnership with a number of companies as they were looking at setting up operations in the region or expanding their wings across Asia Pacific. 

Alice’s proven experience in talent acquisition in Singapore and Paris helped her develop a pragmatic approach to the function as a career coach and consultant to HR heads.

On a personal note, Alice was born in Africa where she spent her entire childhood before moving to France. She has lived abroad since 2006 (Australia, Singapore, London) which brought her humility and ability to challenge herself regularly. 

She continuously evolved and got trained. She is graduated  from Montpellier Business School  (1994)  and holds a Master Degree in Human Resources from IAE/ La Sorbonne (2001). 

She is an ICF-certificied coach with the Neuroleadership Institute (2011).  

You can contact Alice at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn



Christine Etcheparre joined Harmony & Mobility Consulting in Singapore in 2017 as the Human Resources and administration advisor.

She has served as General Manager in an SME in Japan and then in the United States. Living in Singapore since 1991 she accompanied a start-up through its creation and development before joining the TECHNIP Group in Singapore in 2000 to manage the Human Resources; as Managing Director she supervised several restructuring operations.

After a long and wholly international career, convinced of the importance of the human organization within the company, she decides to join an entrepreneurial organization to contribute to its development.

Today, she brings her expertise in Human Resources, her experience of entrepreneurship and her understanding of the corporate world to Harmony & Mobility Consulting. Well integrated in the local environment, she has a wide network through the French, international and Singaporean business communities.

A graduate of the Institute d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, she also holds a master's degree in French literature from La Sorbonne.

You can contact Christine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn

Hélène Bertonèche is a certified coach who joined Harmony & Mobility Consulting in 2018.

She helps people unlock their potential, widen their opportunities, find fulfilment and succeed in their professional journey. 

She caters highly personalised support for professionals weighing career alternatives. She supports managers willing to steer up their career and develop their leadership.

Hélène is an enthusiastic and solution-oriented coach, combining solid business acumen and natural empathy. Having lived in 12 different cities around the globe and spent 20 years in Asia, she is a true citizen of the world and definitively understands what leading a multicultural team means. 

She comes with a creative mind-set and a solid understanding of corporate strategy, with over a decade of experience in marketing and revenue-driven roles. She has spent the majority of her career working in a people industry - hospitality - at local, regional and global levels, for Accor hotels group.

Hélène is sensitive to the unique qualities of each person, talented in guiding people and fostering collaboration. On top of her experience leading teams at Accor, she is facilitating team coaching programs and group workshops.

Her motto: It’s a big world out there. Go explore! 

Hélène is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

She holds a double Master Degree of Business from Toulouse Business School and Escuela Superior Europea de Comercio de Barcelona. She has been trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute on the Brain-based Coaching Program. 

You can contact Hélène at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via LinkedIn.

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