Career Development

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

Your organisation would like to help employees take control of their career within the company.  

To you, building a fulfilling employee experience and fostering professional mobility are key priorities to cement their loyalty.  You would like to give your employees meaningful development opportunities. You want to help your talents manage their career transitions, advance their career, or plan for international mobility within the company.


With the Career Development programme, employees take control of their career
Through this structured program, employees are given the guidance and tools to review their career path, identify their skills, highlight their strengths and their limitations. They expand their career options, enhance their employability and prepare for career mobility.

By defining their career goals, employees are taking charge of their careers. They are more productive and up to speed rapidly when taking up new roles.

Our Assets

A tailored and sustainable solution

A well-balanced mix of consulting and coaching

An expertise on global career mobility


  • 8 to 14 hours of 1:1 meetings with the consultant/coach, spread over 4 to 7 sessions
  • Self-assessment booklets and coaching tools to help employees reflect on their career path
  • Workshops on networking, LinkedIn or internal mobility depending on employees specific needs
  • This programme can be conducted either in person or remotely​​​

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Their feedback ...

'I had to face an impatriation with a return to the headquarter without any position available. With the help of my consultant, I came up with a career option. Together, we also anticipated the challenges I will face once back in my home country. I started a new role in a new department. I was well prepared for this new challenge.'

Claire, Marketing Manager, Singapore

'I really thought about finding a new job and leaving my company when I was offered a new role I didn't want. The coaching helped me better focus on my priorities and find a suitable solution with my company.'

Mark, Operations Manager, Brussels