Career Coaching

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You would like to find true meaning and purpose in your career. You have lost motivation in your current role.  You are wondering if you are on the right career path. You feel it is time for a career change but you are not quite sure which direction your career should go. Maybe you have lost confidence. Or you have started weighting a new career option but you don't know where to start.

​Career Coaching helps you take control of your career

In the Career Coaching programme, you are given the guidance and tools to reflect on your career, widen your perspectives and broaden your options.

This programme has been designed for both working professionals and people on a career break.

Through the Career Coaching programme, you will review your career background, identify your skills, your drivers, your motivations, your talents and your values, understand your strengths and weaknesses.

With this thought-provoking collaboration with a coach, you will prepare your future by crafting a career plan. 

Our Assets

Our coaches/consultants, expert in career  transition and career mobility

A highly-personalised service, tailored to your needs, enriched by the interaction between you and your coach/consultant

Use of coaching tools to facilitate reflection


  • A complimentary preliminary interview to understand your needs, without any commitment
  • 13 hours of 1:1 sessions with your consultant/coach, spread over 6-7 sessions
  • A duration of the programme of maximum 12 weeks
  • 6 self-assessment booklets to allow you to reflect within a structured frame
  • A career development plan, supported by explorations on the market
  • A concrete and realistic action plan
  • A personality inventory tool
  • A complete summary from your consultant/coach with key insights and makoy conclusions 
  • This program can be conducted either in person or remotely

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Their feedback...

'The Career Coaching helped me transform my negative energy into a positive and productive energy. This has allowed me to make significant progress in my job search. The Career Coaching  immediately appealed to me. It helped me define my plan by giving me personal and professional tools to monitor my progress. I could not have asked for a better and more personalised service and I know I will always be able to count on my consultant even after the assignment is over.'

Karine, Operation Manager, London

'Consultants/Coaches are highly-experienced. I am grateful for all their advice and support. I've enjoyed their professionalism and their dedication throughout the programme. By choosing Harmony & Mobility Consulting, I have been able to get connected with top-notch professionals in the sector I am interested in.​' 

Emilie, Trade Finance Manager, Singapore