by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You are an executive committee ? a team ? an entrepreneur ? a manager ? a job seeker ? a professional starting a new job? 

You would like to improve your professional practice. You want to become a better listener. You wish you could help others more. You want to improve your performance. You would like to breakdown barriers between departments or business units. 


Co-development taps into collective intelligence to help you develop solutions

Harmony & Mobility coaches follow the methodology developed by Adrien Payette and Claude Champagne in Canada. It is a 'development approach for people who believe they can learn from each other in order to develop their practice'. 

Co-development focuses on real and current situations of the participants and facilitates an individual and group reflection thanks to a structured consultation exercise. 

This programme supports participants in their endeavour to improve their professional practices, to develop their performance, their listening skills and ability to help others. It is also an efficient way to facilitate within the organisation a transversal circulation of information, know-how and skills.

Our Assets

Coaches trained by the pioneers of the methodology, now in use for 20 years.

A strong belief in the power of collective intelligence, the foundation of the way we work internally

A hands-on experience and a solid knowledge of managerial dynamics.


This methodology involves a facilitator for a group of 5 to 7 participants, intra or inter companies. The 6-step process is explained in the video, co-designed by Harmony & Mobility and SOL Consulting.

[Singapore]  Next groups to be launched:

  • Impulse!    For Job Search & Career plan implementation
  • On the Right Foot   For a succesful integration into a new role
  • Entreprendre    To tackle your entrepreneurial challenges


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Their feedback...

" I was glad to experience this approach focusing on a specific collective process. Extremely enriching to see how much the "client of the day" has progressed on her subject of consultation with questions, ideas and experiences from the group and has left the session with new options to solve her challenge".  

Amélie, Event Manager, French Institution, Singapore

" The co-development session organized by Harmony & Mobility Consulting and Sol Consulting is such an efficient and powerful methodology, enabling each participant to reflect on how they can take action on their current challenges. The team dynamic allows each of us to learn from each other and to leave the session with lots of energy and new ideas to put in place in our daily life. I highly recommend it!"

Pauline, Regional HR Director, Clarins, Singapore