Executive Coaching

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You wish to develop yourself professionally. You need to accelerate your transition and growth in a new role or a new organisation. You would like to improve your communication skills. You want to resolve effectively an interpersonal conflict. There are professional goals you would like to achieve, specific skills you need to develop.

You want to help managers in your organization achieve challenging goals and develop their skills.


The executive coaching programme helps managers grow, develop skills and achieve challenging goals

After aligning all parties on the goals, the coach helps the coachee think through different perspectives, develop a plan and implement actions to achieve these objectives. 

Executive coaching allows professionals to better perform during transition periods.

Managers builds on existing strengths, develop strategies for leading in new or complex situations and push their goals forward. The coach facilitates self-reflection and, with a structured framework, gives the coachee the opportunity to find his/her own solutions. As a thought-provoking and collaborative process, this results-oriented program will foster new way of thinking and behaving.

Our Assets

A blended approach based on ICF and EMCC certified trainings

Taking into account multicultural environments 

With a focus on the deepening of self-awareness

  • A preliminary meeting to understand the needs
  • A number of 1:1 sessions defined according to the goal of the coaching 
  • A programme carried out in sessions ranging from 90 minutes to 4 hours
  • Sessions spaced out by a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 1 month to provide sufficient time for the coachee to adopt new ways of thinking and implement the actions defined during the sessions
  • A coaching methodology founded upon coaching framework of Médiat-Coaching, Neuroleadership Group and la Haute Ecole de Coaching
  • Tools from the Neuro Linguistic Programming, the Systemic theory and the Psychodynamic theory
  • If the programme is sponsored by a company: Tripartite sessions involving the coach, a company stakeholder and the coachee to align on desired outcomes that can be measured and assess progress against goals
  • This program can be conducted either in person or remotely​​​

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Their feedback...

'I was close to burn-out when I convinced my hierarchy to contact Harmony & Mobility Consulting. The first work was to identify blocking points and find SMART solutions that I implemented thanks to my coach expertise and support.'

Pierre, Marketing Manager, Singapore

'My coach helped me to overcome the burden of  taking a new position in a new company in China, where cultural codes are so disconcerting.'

Ines, HR Manager, Shanghai

'I really needed to develop my ability to communicate with my team and my boss. In few sessions I had several clues that I immediately and successfully experimented at work.'

Anne, retail manager, Beijing