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Nowadays if you want to organise something, you will likely read a thousand testimonials, identify pros and cons and compare pictures, prices or contents. I admit that sometimes looking for a hotel can easily become a nightmare! 
Companies like Tripadvisor are quite smart to surf on the wave of our difficulty to make a decision. 
Life or professional decision-making can follow the same process. Understanding deeply a situation and the ins and outs is highly recommended before a decision-making. 
Nevertheless, more than ever, deciding is difficult considering the amount of information provided via the Internet and social media. 
I have great respect for those who base their decisions on an objective point of view. Jotting down pros and cons are totally ineffective for me. 
I prefer to consider opportunities that I scan according to my core values and according to my life or professional objectives I want to achieve. 
Above all, making a decision is the first step to begin a journey. 
You take the risk of having made a mistake; you can consider that it was a bad idea. Therefore the challenge is to find solutions to get back on track. However in all situations, you gain experience and you learn more about yourself. 
Good or not, experience is certainly the best way to make better future decisions. 

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” Winston Churchill

F. Carbonnel


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