Our Story

The logo of our agency is Hé Xié,
the Chinese character for harmony.

The Start

Harmony & Mobility Consulting was created in 2009 in Beijing, by 3 Human Resources consultants, Françoise CarbonnelCatherine LazBounatirou, and Marie Rivière. The 3 of them were driven by a desire to use their expertise to support expats and their spouses overcome the challenges of professional mobility. A recognized expert in international mobility, Harmony & Mobility Consulting has since then broadened its range of services to help clients face the challenges of transition in an increasingly globalised world.

In 2012, Aude Beneton joined Harmony & Mobility Consulting as a partner. 2 years later, Séverine Charzat joined the team as consultant before becoming partner in 2016. Finally, Christine Etcheparre, Hélène Bertoneche and Alice Lanteri joined the team in 2017 and 2018.


Harmony & Mobility Consulting is settled in Singapore since 2010, Brussels since 2012, London since 2014 and Paris since 2017. In the past 10 years, our consultants have also been present and actively involved in Casablanca, Nagoya and Manila. 

Over the years, Harmony & Mobility Consulting has been developing partnerships with Chambers of Commerce, local actors, HR organizations, expats associations and NGOs. BPI Group, Beyond Performance, Shaw Trust (London), LP4Y (Manila),  Femmes Actives (Japan), Le club business de l'Accueil des Françaises (Brussels), to name only a few, have been some of their key partners. The agency is also partnering with fellow coaches on specific topics, such as Delphine Desaulles on co-development missions, and Anne Jacquet, on intercultural challenges.

Today, the 7 consultant-coaches participate in the agency’s international development. Thanks to this network, the team is able to leverage on their individual strengths and create synergy.