How to keep your motivation flying high in uncertain times?

How to keep your motivation flying high in uncertain times?

Motivation relies on internal and external factors.

In this Covid-19 period, how to keep our motivation high when we feel challenged by an uncertain context that put us outside from our comfort zone?

We are sharing today what we have personally done

 From our London team

  • I put in place a routine and follow it. I keep the link with people I love and, once a day speak with a person I have not been in contact with for a long time
  • I always have 1 thing / day that brings me satisfaction. I define it and do it!

From our Paris Team 

  • I am involved in solidarity assignments. I also limit the frequency of Covid 19 news to once a day, initiate new projects to create dynamism. I just created a book club with friends
  • I try to maintain a work life balance, plan some projects. I also live in the present, do some sports, maintain relationships with friends and family but I am careful of the overuse of devices, and force myself to find ways to unwind, do nothing.

From our Singapore team

  • My motto is “one goal a day keeps the lack of motivation away”. While it is a challenge to project ourselves in a near & certain future, I like to set myself 1 goal / day in my personal life. It could be a run, a yoga session, a book to start, my desk to put in order, or volunteer @ Willing Hearts! Having a personal goal per day brings me enough energy and motivation to support my clients in a morose environment
  • Looking at what is happening around me, I noticed the existence of new needs derived from the crisis and on which I can act. I have committed to help others. And I take action; It brings me back the feeling of regaining control of my time.
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