Why now is a good time to rethink your career?

Why now is a good time to rethink your career?

Were you already questioning your career before theCovid-19crisis, feeling you needed change Then being  locked  down might have  intensified this  reflection.  

But this period has definitively fostered philosophical reflections for a lot more people.  Even if you were not questioning you career before, chances are that you have been reflecting onthe importance of your life.  On the importance of yourwork.  On the balance between the two. 

According to a survey we conducted in Singapore  in June 2020,  79% of people answered that the circuit breaker has changed the way  they feel about their job.  

Why are you questioning your job?  

Since the Covid-19 crisis started, we have been comparing what we do to those on the front line. We have been admiring those who have a direct impact on our lives: the nurses, the doctors, the researchers,  just to name a few. We have been more sensitive to environmental and societal challenges.  

This unprecedented crisis has pushed us to question the purpose in our own job. To question our professional identity 

Covid-19 has also reshaped the way we work. The  generalization  of remote work has also proven that flexibility is possible. We can be productive while being physically apart. And so, why not  applying  to jobs  in  another region? Another country?  Why not considering a career as a  free-lancer?  

Do you feel lost? 

On one side, there is a strong desire for change. On the other side, a global economic crisis and drastic disruptions to major industries such as airlines, tourism, retail. We are witnessing layoffs. And today, we navigate with low visibility.  We feel threaten. Without surprise, in Singapore, 83% of the people we surveyed feel concerned about their professional future.  

And yet,  why is now a good time to rethink your career? 

It is likely that the post-Covid-19 era will be different. Very different. Your career path might become windy. And when the future in uncertain, it is definitively safer to broaden your options rather than sticking to a single one. 

Also, if you start reflecting and exploring your career options right now, you will soon become clearer on who you are, what makes you unique and what you want in your career. And hence you will be ready to take action as soon as the situation stabilizes. 


And this pandemic has created a window of opportunity for some companies.Who had thrown a party with friends onZoom before? Who had done a virtual doctor consultation before? Some industries have actually benefited from thecrisisand are thriving. They might need you! 

Whether you will do minimal tweaks to your current job, change industry, change function or embark on a brand new career… now is always the good time to start reflecting. 

So where do I start? 

A crisis challenges us. It pushes us out of our comfort zone. 

We adapt, we  develop ourselves, we gain new skills. We build our resilience. We are creative. We rethink our business. We imagine new models.  We reinvent our leadership.  We become techsavvy.  

So start by reflecting. Where are you today?  Wha t specifically  has changed for you  in your career  since the Covid-19?  What are the impacts?  What opportunities have emerged?  

Career change is a marathon, not a sprint. So start and get set now.  

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