Lab - My Professional Uniqueness

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting  

You would like to step back and reflect on your career path. You are thinking about a career transition. You would like to pin-point your unique added value. You want to work on your personal branding

My Professional Uniqueness Lab helps you define your professional identity

Using a narrative activity called the Tree of Life, you will be guided to tell your unique professional story, by using the metaphor of a tree. This inspiring and empowering exercise will help you link your roots, your resources and your drivers to your plans for the future

The objective of this powerful visualising activity are:

  • To deepen your self-awareness
  • To benefit from others' perspective on your professional identity
  • To shed light on your added value, on your professional uniqueness
  • To explore your career options
  • To develop your self-esteem
  • To draw a tree that you will keep nourishing and enriching throughout your career journey
  • To build a forest of trees of professional uniqueness

Our Assets

A powerful tool, taken from narrative practices, to look at your career path with a fresh perspective

An activity facilitated by a professional coach to help you reflect

A lab in small group to interact and benefit from genuine feedback from other participants


  • 3 to 4h of an interactive workshop
  • A personal reflection to draw and nourish your Tree of Professional Uniqueness
  • A step back to review your career path into a positive perspective
  • A time for sharing and discussion on every participant's professional uniqueness
  • A group of 6 to 10 persons to maximize the sharings


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