Team Coaching 'Working Together' 

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You would like to foster team cohesion. You wish for a new momentum for your team. You want your employees to align on a vision, to identify shared goals and to develop a strategy. You would like to develop collaboration among multicultural teams

The team coaching programme 'Working Together' fosters collaboration

This customised team coaching programme helps teams work more efficiently and develop their performance within multicultural contexts. With this programme, teams will gain a common perspective, build and strengthen team spirit. The programme helps teams improve communication and collaborate more effectively.

Our Assets

Certified coaches with a deep understanding and hands-on experience of team dynamics and management  

Understanding of complex, diverse and multi-cultural environments

Fully customised programme to tackle the team's challenges


  • Initial team coaching workshop (typically 1 to 2 days) 
  • Follow-up team coaching sessions (typically 90mn)
  • Follow-up team coaching workshop (typically 1/2 day)
  • Team assessment 
  • Executive coaching for selected Team members (optional)
  • A well-balanced mix of top-down information, coaching activities in small groups and role-plays


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Their feedback...

To change the team mind-set, and work together within the Brand Team, we asked Harmony & Mobility Consulting to drive team coaching sessions for our managers. From this time onwards, most of the time they said : "WE" before "I"

James, DRH, Singapore

This first team coaching served as a good start for our team to think how to work smarter and more closely. My biggest insight was to discover both individual and team characters.

Jonathan, Head of Business Line, Singapore