by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

Your organization has to let some employees go.  Your company would like to remain supportive with employees being retrenched and helps to play down the situation. 

You would like to support employees in their job search after they have been made redundant.


The outplacement programme helps your employees faster rebound 

By developing the employability of your downsized employees, this personalised service facilitates their career transition and accelerates their return-to-work. During this challenging transition period, employees will benefit from a professional and considerate support to make sure they rebound with confidence on the job market.

Our Assets

Wide knowledge and thorough understanding of market’s specificities by our local consultants

An effective, relevant and targeted use of networking for job search

A tailor-made solution, according to your specific needs


An Outplacement programme lasts between 3 months to 1 year. We offer a panel of services and tools, customised according to the company's specific requirements:

  • A preliminary interview to define the beneficiary’s needs 
  • A career assessment to review the beneficiary’s experiences, skills and motivations
  • A validation of a clear and coherent career plan
  • Trainings on the various communication tools used in a job search (CV, LinkedIn profile, pitch, job interview, etc.)
  • The design of a networking strategy customised to the beneficiary's personality and specific goals 
  • The implementation of a well-rounded job search strategy
  • Coaching sessions designed to address specific challenges encountered 
  • Follow-up sessions during the active job search phase
  • This programme is conducted face-to-face or via teleconference​​​

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Their feedback..

'The support I found was crucial. It enabled me to find my current job in the UK. It gave me the tools and knowledge  to successfully define the new direction I wished my career to take. It helped me access the most up-to-date job searching methods with focus and efficiency. The consultant was a great listener, extremely professional, attentive, and supportive. Her empathy and professionalism gave me the confidence to incorporate what I am passionate about into my career pursuit.'

Caroline, Key Account Manager, London

'The most valuable parts were the revision of my resume and the improvement of my LinkedIn layout and contents. With the booklets, I also had a chance to re-examine myself and my career to date, identify the area where I would like to work in, as well as my main motivations. The many good discussions I had with the consultant were also helpful, especially on networking and communication.'

Jeremy, Director Channel Programs, Singapore