Our Values




Authenticity is the very nature of what is truthful. Authentic people are close to what they are, what they say, and what they do. In relationships, authenticity inspires a sense of trust and security. For us, authenticity is the greatest source of depth and quality in the development of any human relationship.
​The soul has no secret that  the behavior does not reveal - Chinese proverb



Confidentiality is one of the most fundamental values to our profession. It is an ethical value that allows the consultant-coach to create a safe zone in which clients feel free to express themselves. Once the framework is clearly defined and agreed on, the coaching can begin.
True dialogue implies recognition of the other in both its identity and its otherness - African quote



Humanism is above all else, a positive perception of the human being, an appreciation of how people blossom through their ability to progress, develop, and make their own choices. Humanism is also seeing the differences between individuals as sources of personal growth. Humanism is always present in the relationship between the coach and the coachee through a deep respect of the humanity expressed expressed through individuals' diversity.​
Be the change that you wish to see in the world - Gandhi



Commitment is a tacit or explicit contract. Commitment is the active decision to move forward on unpredictable roads. It is also an introduction to a battle, with its strategies, its weapons, its discouraging stages and its victories. The willingness to be commited is the essential condition for success. Finally, commitment is a value represented by the actions of the individuals as they push themselves to go all the way with their decisions.
It is necessary to know at first what we want, it is then necessary to have the courage to say it, it is finally necessary to get the energy to make it - Georges Clemenceau



Empathy is the capacity to “put ourselves in someone else’s shoes” and experience seeing the world from another perspective. An empathic person is aware of and understands the feelings and thoughts of the others, without necessarily agreeing with them. Our empathy, as coach, allows us to connect with our clients’ ways of thinking and bring them to view situations from different angles.
Seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feelings with the heart of another - Alfred Adler