First 100 days in a new job 

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

Your organization would like employees to successfully make the shift into their new role. You are convinced that helping employees understand their new environment and identify key challenges will accelerate the value they bring. You want to prepare employees for multicultural environments.


​The first 100 days programme lays the foundation for success

This programme helps beneficiaries step back, analyse the first months in their new role, understand their new multicultural environment and pin-point key challenges. By proactively managing transitions, beneficiaries adapt more rapidly to their new role. They are quickly empowered and able to deal with issues. This programme helps create a sense of belonging to develop loyalty.  

Our Assets

Coaches specialised in career transitions in international contexts

A well-rounded programme to address management challenges in multicultural organizations

Intercultural training mixed with coaching tools to help employees reflect and find their own solutions


Ideally, the first 100 days programme begins a few months after an employee has started a new role. It includes two 4-hour sessions and a follow-up session 3 months later. Here are the tools used:

  • A preliminary questionnaire to understand the challenges faced in the new environment and in the new role 
  • An intercultural training to develop awareness on the new environment (country’s history, values, religion…)
  • A personality inventory tool
  • Coaching tools
  • An online intercultural inventory tool (optional)
  • This program can be conducted either in person or remotely​​​

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Their feedback...

'With this programme, I increased my awareness of my disconnection with some people because of some cultural gaps. I understood why conducting meetings the way I was used to was not working here in Singapore. I also learnt that I had the ability to adapt, to step back and change what was necessary. I was able to take big steps that were not only beneficial to me personally but also had an impact business-wise.'

Kathrin, GM of a French subsidiary, Singapore