Entrepreneurial Journey

by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

You would like to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. You are considering launching your start-up. You are willing to be self-employed. You need to assess the feasibility of your project

The entrepreneurial journey programme lays the foundation for an entrepreneurial project 

This programme helps refine the project and assess its feasibility. You will be guided in a reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of your entrepreneurial project in order to determine whether there is a good fit between you, your business, and the reality of the market.

Coaches/Consultants will help identify drivers of growth and conditions for success

Our Assets

Consultants who have been personally involved in setting up companies in various countries

Selection of partners to guide the client in the administrative and legal processes

Harmony & Mobility Consulting is a member of the dynamic entrepreneur network, so called:  'Réseau Entreprendre' 


  • 6 individual sessions of 90 minutes 
  • Tools to facilitate reflection: compatibility between the project and the entrepreneur
  • A practical guide on key information to gather before starting your business
  • A personality inventory tool (optional)
  • A strategic analysis tool (Canvas Model)
  • This programme is conducted face-to-face or via teleconference​​​


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Their feedback...

'Being helped by a consultant is essential in order to think deeply and independently about a new start-up project​'

 Sandra, Chief Happiness Officer, London

'I had thought about entrepreneurship for ages. Thanks to Harmony & Mobility Consulting I did it!'

 Kate, entrepreneur, Singapore